How to Participate

Though we won’t be able to gather in person this year, we see this as an opportunity to turn an 80 minute event into a wider, more inclusive, and perhaps more thoughtful event. We’re expanding the SIG to take up the rest of April, and want you to participate in all four phases of this year’s SIG. All events, synchronous or asynchronous, are subject to the overall SIG Code of Conduct.

Part One: Ideas! (April 15-22)

First, we need to figure out what to talk about. In an adapted unconference style, we are using Padlet to gather and initially discuss possibilities. We encourage you to add your own ideas or upvote others, and to visit and participate multiple times before the Padlet closes. Visit & contribute to the idea Padlet.

Part Two: Asynchronous Discussion (April 22-30)

While most of the SIG discussion usually happens at the live conference event, this has in some ways always been a limiting factor in who can participate. This year, we’re starting with an asynchronous discussion period so more people with more varied schedules can participate. Chats are lightly moderated, and the Code of Conduct applies, but past that, it’s all open for debate! Jump in now with this quick signup form, then introduce yourself in the intro thread and start, well, figuring out the future of Queer HCI!

Part Three: Live Events (April 29 & 30)

Finally, we still do want to gather, as “face to face” as we safely can. We’re holding two live chats via video conference where we can continue our asynchronous discussions and spend some time together. We’re holding two events so more people get the chance to attend: Wednesday, April 29 @ 1 pm CDT, and Thursday, April 30 @ 10 am CDT. Join us live 4/29 @ 1 pm CDT for the next event.

Part Four: Social & Continuing Events

Planning is already underway to keep this SIG rolling well after April 30, with specific social events, subcommunity meetings, and standing hangouts in the works. Stay tuned for more details, and feel free to propose your own ideas in the above forums!