Trans/Queer in HCI 1-1 Mentoring Program 2021-22

We are pleased to launch the Trans/Queer in HCI 1-1 Mentoring Program for 2021! The purpose of this program is to connect LGBTQIA+ people in the HCI field with professional and/or personal mentors in the field.

This program is open to people at all career stages, and you can sign up to be a mentor, mentee, or both! You must be LGBTQIA+ to be a mentee but do not need to be LGBTQIA+ to be a mentor. If you sign up to be a mentee, you can choose to be matched only with an LGBTQIA+ mentor if you prefer.

How It Works

Mentors and mentees must fill out a survey to describe what they hope to get out of the program and what matching criteria are important to them.

You will then be matched with your mentor/mentee(s) and receive an email introduction. We ask that mentors/mentees commit to meeting monthly for a year.

If you are attending CSCW 2021, we encourage you to virtually meet up with your match during the conference! However, attending CSCW is not required to join this program.


  • October 8, 2021: deadline for filling out the survey.
  • October 18, 2021: matches will be notified and connected with their mentors/mentees.
  • October 23-27, 2021: we encourage you to meet with your mentor/mentee online, or perhaps during CSCW if you are attending


Most survey questions are optional, including demographic questions.

The only people who will see your answers are Tee Chuanromanee ( and Caitie Lustig (, who will be matching mentors with mentees. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either of them or to our lead organizer, Oliver Haimson (

Organizing Committee

Our organizing committee includes:

  • Jed Brubaker
  • Emeline Brulé
  • Tee Chuanromane
  • Michael Ann DeVito
  • Oliver Haimson
  • Sucheta Lahiri
  • Caitie Lustig
  • Fernando Maestre
  • Michael Muller
  • Aaron Quigley